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Can A “Top 100 Criminal Trial Lawyer” In California Make A Difference After Your DUI Arrest?

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If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Riverside or Orange County, the best option you have is to have a tough, experienced attorney on your side. Given California’s harsh DUI punishments, bringing in the right DUI lawyer to protect you may be the most important decision you ever make.

Whether it’s your first DUI in Riverside or you’re fighting a second, third, or fourth DUI, I can help. My name is Graham Donath, and I’m proud of my reputation as a skilled, aggressive DUI attorney for people just like you. I’ve come by it honestly, by fighting hard for my clients in and out of the courtroom. And because I’ve helped so many individuals just like you, I’ve been a designated one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in California by the National Trial Lawyers association.

Being arrested for DUI in Riverside is a scary experience, and if you’re like most of the clients I’ve worked with over the years, you have a lot of questions. I’ve successfully handled thousands of criminal and DUI cases, and I’ll be happy to help you answer them.

Are you worried about losing your job or having to report the DUI charges to your boss? Wondering if you’ll ever get your driver’s license back? Concerned about what a DUI means because of prior criminal convictions?

If you’re in the Riverside area, call me, right away, at 951-667-5293, and let me start answering your DUI questions. In California, DUI is a serious crime and the police and courts in Riverside take these charges very seriously. I can promise that I’ll take your defense just as seriously, and be a passionate advocate for your rights and freedoms every step of the way.

Don’t face this alone, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that failing a Drunk Driving field sobriety test or Breathalyzer means the end of your chances of fighting. The police in the Riverside area want you to believe that, but a DUI criminal charge is only as good as its evidence, and that’s where I come in.

I examine the prosecution’s case in detail, and make them prove every allegation – from the probable cause that led to the original DUI stop, to how evidence was gathered, to the chain of custody in which it was handled, and more.  You have a lot to lose with a DUI conviction and I do whatever I can to lessen the chances of a conviction.

As a DUI Defense Attorney, I’m good at what I do because I’m thorough, methodical, and I hate to lose. When I go against a prosecutor, whether in pre-trial negotiations or in a courtroom, my goal is to win the DUI case for my client. I fight for you because I know the stakes: Your family, your career, your freedom, and your future.

Don’t let a DUI in Riverside wreck your life. Call me, Attorney Graham Donath, at 951-667-5293 right now for a free consultation with an experienced, aggressive DUI attorney right here in Riverside. I’ll stand by you every step of the way and make sure you understand all your options, at every point. With the right attorney at your side, significant problems can become manageable ones, and serious consequences can be minimized or avoided.

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